Duration 4h00

Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

Come and discover the huge diversity of birds and plants of Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

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Script The estimated total duration of the tour is 4h00, always on board.

Languages By standard, the tours are performed in portuguese and english. For group events, the boats may be booked exclusively, allowing the customization of the tour and language.

Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve


Come and experience a true treasure of nature right on the doorstep of Lisbon - the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve. Always aboard a quiet electric boat, this tour offers a calm and relaxed experience in the most important wetland of the country and one of the ten most important in Europe. In this tour you can observe a huge diversity of fauna and flora, an “avieira” village with its traditional wood docks and the islands of natural reserve in Tagus estuary.

Tagus Estuary
Natural Reserve

Partnerships In order to make this tour possible we have the following partners:

ICNF - Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests

The Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests is an organization of the Portuguese State whose main mission is to contribute to the valorisation and conservation of forest resources, nature and biodiversity in Portugal. This entity certifies Tagus Marina as a Nature Tourism operator.

Additional information

Starting Point
The meeting point to departure is in the Marina do Parque das Nações, right in the center next to the Edíficio Nau.
Enjoy your experience with us to the utmost in a responsible way. Below we recommend some steps to take and suggest materials to bring.

Starting Point

Environmental advises
Tagus Marina is a company that values its environmental awareness and responsibility, therefore we ask all our clients to share these values, offering advice here:
- Avoid direct interaction with wildlife, this can compromise the welfare of wildlife.
- Respect the delimited rails of each pedestrian walk, in order to maintain the preservation efforts carried out.

Care to have
With about 300 days a year of sunshine in this region we recommend:
- The use of sunscreen
- The use of sunglasses
- Hydration, special care with the elderly and children
- Clothing and footwear suitable for the experiences offered

Recommended material
The boat tours offer the opportunity to know closely areas of great historical and environmental interest, so the correct material can make all the difference. Below are some tips to take advantage of these areas:
- Recording material (such as camera)
- Material for observation (such as binoculars)

Operation constraints
Tagus Marina reserves the right to cancel any tour due to adverse weather, atmospheric conditions or sea waves that may put at risk the safety of customers or the boat. In case of cancellation by Tagus Marina, ticket’s total value will be refunded. In case of any change of the tour after starting and for reasons of force majeure, Tagus Marina will refund 50% of ticket’s total value. Tagus Marina does not refund purchased tickets under any pretext, with exception for force majeure issues mentioned above.

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