Nature tourism in the Tagus estuary

Tagus Marina

Offering an innovative service of exceptional quality

Tagus Marina TAGUS MARINA, reguistered brand of the company meridian season, LDA. Created in 2018, Act in the branch of nature tourism in Tagus Estuary.

Tagus Marina

Tagus Marina's mission is to provide its guests with a memorable experience in a natural and comfortable environment, fully respecting the contact with nature.

The vision of Tagus Marina is to be the main reference of nature tourism in the Tagus Estuary, by offering an innovative service of exceptional quality.

Tagus Marina's main values are total respect for nature, maintenance of ecosystems and their biodiversity, environmental conservation, safety, ethics, comfort, customer satisfaction, rigor, trust, wellfare, quality service, organization, excellence, transparency, mobilization, fellowship, commitment, kindness, attitude and training.

Meridian Season who also presents itself through its registered trademark Tagus Marina, is a company created in 2018 to promote nature tourism in the Tagus estuary. Its main activities are nature tourism in the Tagus estuary, the representation and commercialization of electric propulsion boats training, especially in environmental and nature-friendly areas, and the maintenance of sheltered marine and estuary areas or bayous.