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Lisbon You will hardly have any reason not to visit Lisbon and Tagus Marina, but below we have provided useful links where you can find information about Lisbon, upcoming events or restaurant suggestions.
Do you want to go downtown? By bus, take the 728 on the Adamastor Promenade and exit at Terreiro do Paço, after 21 stops and about 30 minutes drive.
By metro, take bus 728 back to Oriente station, red metro line from Oriente to Alameda (6 stops) and change to the green line to Baixa-Chiado (5 stops). Should take about 30 minutes.

with almost 300 sunny days a year


Turismo de Portugal

Responsible for the promotion, valorization and sustainability of the tourism activity, it congregates in a single entity all the institutional competences related to the dynamization of tourism, from supply to demand.

Turismo de Lisboa

If you are dreaming about your next trip to Europe, come and visit Lisbon, a city with many stories to tell. Where the sun shines up to 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15°C. Where you feel safe walking around during the day and going out at night.

City Guide Lisbon

To know what is happening in Lisbon, we suggest you to check the well-known City Guide Lisbon